Product Summary

General Description:The DP8310 and DP8311 Octal Latched Peripheral Drivers provide the function of latching eight bits of data with open
collector outputs, each driving up to 100 mA DC with an operating voltage range of 30V. Both devices are designed for low input currents, high input/output voltages, and feature a
power up clear (outputs off) function.The DP8310 is positive edge latching. Two active low write/ enable inputs are available for convenient data bussing without external gating.
The DP8311 is positive edge latching. The active low strobe input latches data or allows fall through operation when held
at logic “0”. The latches are cleared (outputs off) with a logic “0” on the clear pin


Absolute Maximum Ratings 
Supply Voltage: 7.0V
Input Voltage :35V
Output Voltage :35V
Maximum Power Dissipation* at TA= 25℃
DP8310/DP8311 :2005 mW
Storage Temperature Range :-65℃ to +150℃
Lead Temperature (Soldering, 4 sec.) :260℃
Note: *Derate N20A package 15.4 mW/℃ above TA= 25℃, θJA= 65℃/W


(1) High current, high voltage open collector outputs; 
(2) Low current, high voltage inputs; 
(3) All outputs simultaneously sink rated current “DC” with no thermal derating at maximum rated temperature; 
(4) Parallel latching or buffering; 
(5) Separate active low enables for easy data bussing; 
(6) Internal “glitch free” power up clear; 
(7) 10% VCC tolerance